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When do the trains run?

From July to the end of September we can again receive larger groups of visitors with day tickets. Please note, tickets should still be purchased online in advance.

There is the possibility to get off in Eeklo and come back with a later train.

Brown timetable
Dieselmotorwagen Stoomtrein Dieselmotorwagen
Maldegem 11:30 13:50 16:15
Balgerhoeke 16:30
Eeklo – arrival 12:00 14:20
Eeklo – departure 12:05 14:35
Balgerhoeke 16:50
Maldegem 12:35 15:05 17:05
Narrow track: 12:40, 15:10, 17:10

Diesel train
Steam train

Pink timetable
Dieselmotorwagen Stoomtrein Dieselmotorwagen Stoomtrein
Maldegem 11:30 13:00 14:30 15:45
Balgerhoeke 11:45 13:20 14:45 16:05
Eeklo – arrival 12:00 13:35 15:00 16:20
Eeklo – departure 12:10 13:50 15:10 16:35
Balgerhoeke 12:25 14:05 15:25 16:50
Maldegem 12:40 14:25 15:40 17:10
Narrow track:
12:50, 14:35, 15:50
Narrow track (limited to shed):
10:50, 13:50, 17:15

Diesel train
Steam train

Green timetable
Maldegem 11:20 14:30
Eeklo – arrival 11:50 15:00
Eeklo – departure 11:55 15:05
Maldegem 12:25 15:35
Narrow track steam train: 12:35, 15:45

Diesel train
Steam train

There is the possibility to get off in Eeklo and come back with a later train.


Adults (+ 11 y) € 15
Children (4-11 y) € 10
Children (< 4 y) free
(2 adults + 3 children)
€ 45
(from 15 persons)
€ 10*

The prices on this site are not binding. The price at the checkout or stated on your invoice is always the correct price. Due to circumstances it is always possible that the timetable and/or traction is changed.


* Group rates are not valid at our events.

For group bookings and our other group formulas outside the planned opening days: click here


In Maldegem, a charming city in Belgium near the border with the Netherlands, you will discover the largest Flemish collection of operational steam and diesel trains. Travel back in time to the good old days with the entire family!

We offer you steam and diesel locomotives on two different track widths and you have the possibility to take a seat in first, second and third class coaches. Or maybe you prefer a more luxurious and culinary  ride in a real Orient Express. In short, if you are looking for an original experience, Steam Train Maldegem-Eeklo is the place to be.

For your safety and that of our volunteers, guidelines apply regarding the Coronavirus. Read this carefully before your visit!


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